So a few weeks ago we played around with SpriteKit, just for fun and for learning something new and we made a little game called AstroJump.
We had so much fun making it, designing the retro pixel graphics and searching the sounds that we decided to release this little game.
Since it was just a fun side-project we give it away for free, with no in-app-purchases or ads (just some icons from our other apps). We had a lot of fun and we hope some of you will find it cool too. Get it here in the AppStore (universal).

Some other news: We submitted iOS 8 updates for Yearly (with a nice widget) and for MoneyBook (also with support for the new iPhones).
Updates for ListBook (actually a pretty big one) and Next will follow as soon as OSX Yosemite will be released (since we require iCloud Drive).

So, have a great day and enjoy our little game!