As you may know, we’re a small 2-person team and we love it. Being small means being flexible and independent.
Now you also may have noticed that BudgetBook, our iPad-only finance app, wasn’t very maintained lately. That’s why we decided to take it out off the store. If you bought it, it will continue to work. It is a product we don’t really believe in. We’re small and want to focus on a few products and only the ones we believe that we can make them really great. And we no longer have this feeling with BudgetBook.
I’m honest, every app we made to date, we made it because we wanted to make it. Because we felt the need for such an app. Because
we use it every day. But not with BudgetBook. It was never such an app. We made it because we thought we had to do it, because we thought we had to make a more complex finance app. This was a mistake. When you work on things you don’t believe in and you don’t use them yourself, you won’t make your best work and then it’s not worth it.
That’s it. I don’t want to throw some meaningless business-words or other excuses around. It’s just plain simple and honest: we shouldn’t have made this app in the first place. We never really believed in it and we didn’t update it because of this. So it’s better to remove it from sale.

We understand that some of you may be angry because of this decision, but we still hope that you love us like we do love all our users :)

And finally some news, you read about AstroJump, Yearly is already in review, should be available soon we hope. MoneyBook for iOS 8 with support for iPhone 6 (plus) is waiting for review, so it will be available maybe in a week or two. Next and ListBook will follow soon (and SmokeFree too).

Have an awesome weekend.
Mischa & Sandro