We were quiet for some time, a lot happened. So aside from private things we were planning and working on some major things.

I’m sure you read a lot about indie companies having trouble making enough money in the App Store to make a living. This won’t be a post about this. It’s a fact it’s hard to make a living from almost everything in the world, so you have to find ideas and work hard for it. Our first app for iPhone was a financing app, most of our apps had to do with finances and tracking your expenses. So for us it’s a logical step to continue in this direction.

We will continue to work on our iOS apps, there will be new versions and maybe even new iOS apps in the future. Because it’s really fun and creative to build for iPhone and iPad. In addition to this the last 6 months we worked really hard on a new Mac app. As I said, it will have to do with financing too. But this time we’re targeting small/medium companies and for example self employed people. It will be a professional accounting app. Built for the Mac. We think it’s the best business model to target this group. So for the moment the iOS apps will be for fun and not for the money. This new Mac app will be called Keep. It’s not for your personal finances. Because this is a really ambitious project, we will start by focusing on the swiss and german market. Then slowly we’ll go in other markets too. Of course everyone in the world will be able to download and try the app. Because it’s a professional app with a higher price tag, it will be free to try and there will be paid updates in the future. So we’re not going to put it in the Mac App Store. We’re really excited about Keep, it will help us keeping (ha!) our business sustainable for many years to come.

Our company exists for 6 years now and we managed to survive building only our own products and selling them in the AppStores. This is already a big success for us. But if we want to stay in this business we have to adapt our strategy. Selling 3$ apps is not sustainable. We think the way to go is to have a professional product targeting professional people/companies. And having smaller iOS apps without any pressure of making money.
You can’t just survive by selling an app for 3$ and then providing free support and updates for years. That’s why we’re adapting.

Our website has gotten an all new and all responsive look too. And because we’re targeting Switzerland and Germany in this first step, the site will be german and english. Also expect german blog posts from time to time. Thank you for reading and following our adventure.

Mischa & Sandro