ListBook 5.0

We are very proud to present you our newest ListBook version 5.0. This is the biggest update since the first release and we hope our ListBook users will like and love it.

One of the new main features is called „Filters“. At the moment you can colorize your items for example to mark their priority. With Filters you can now say, show me all red or yellow colored items over all your lists.
So colorising items makes more sense now. You can also use the Filters to just show you items with due dates.

An other new feature is Sorting. In the new ListBook version you can sort your items by Done, Alphabetic, Modified Date or Manual. Thats something a lot of you asked for. So here you go. :)
What we also really love is the new design of the Mac version. It is redesigned to make it feel cleaner and more refined throughout the system. It just looks awesome.

That was just a sneak peak of the new version, below is the complete list from the new features and improvements:


  • – optimized for iPhone 6/6+
  • – Widget
  • – Actionable notifications (Mark as Complete, Snooze)
  • – Link, Date and Phone number detection


  • – New Design


  • – Filters
  • – Sorting
  • – Yearly recurrence
  • – Better workflow and performance
  • – Gui improvements

The update is completely free and we hope you like the new ListBook as we do. Thanks for your support.



Your noidentity Team, Sandro & Mischa