Next for iPad and iCloud

When we first made Next for iPhone, we never thought about making an iPad version too. At that time it just didn’t make sense for us. Next was made for fast and easy expense tracking on the go. So the whole concept was based around the iPhone. But after some time we realized that an iPad version shouldn’t be just the same as the iPhone app, it should have a different focus.
The concept is simple: The iPhone app is for quickly adding expenses on the go and the iPad version is more for browsing and statistics. The bigger screen is really made for this. We think we found a really great solution which is awesomely fun to navigate. Think of it as one big zoomable infographic of your expenses.
You start by seeing a summary of your years. Each one represented by a bubble. Each contains its last few months. Tap on a bubble and you zoom into it and see all of its months. And just as you would expect, now you can tap on a month-bubble to zoom into this month and see all of its expenses grouped by day.
It’s a really intuitive interface and you just have to see it in action.
Thanks to this concept, there are no menus, tabs or similar. Just one big zoomable interface. We’re really proud of it and think you’re gonna like it too.

Of course you can still add, edit and delete expenses, just like you’re used to in the iPhone version.
With ListBook 4 we implemented a new iCloud sync engine by Drew McCormack (Ensembles) and we use it in Next too.
So just imagine this typical scenario: During the day when you’re out, you collect your expenses on Next for iPhone. In the evening you sit on your couch, open Next on your iPad and after a few seconds all your data is here and can be browsed on the gorgeous big iPad screen.

Your noidentity Team, Mischa & Sandro