Next for Mac

Few weeks ago we introduced our fir Mac App ListBook and now we continue this way. With ListBook and Next we now have two great apps on all our platforms, each app was carefully built for its device and everything is synced through iCloud.

Next for iPhone app is perfect for on the go. It’s fast and easy to add new expenses.
On the iPad it makes use of the big screen to let you browse (and add/edit) your expenses in a zoomable info-graphic.
Finally the brand new Mac version comes in a calendar-style interface and brings many useful shortcuts. For example quickly add a new expense with cmd+N, enter the amount, tab to the notes field, tab to the categories and select them with the cursor keys. Or no matter where you are in the app, press cmd+T to go to (yes you guessed it!) Today.

Your noidentity Team, Mischa & Sandro