Rewind – Automatic Time Tracking

We love to make useful apps. Apps which we use ourselves almost daily. We started this many years ago with MoneyBook, then ListBook and Next. Now let us introduce our newest iPhone app, Rewind.

We made Rewind because we think time tracking should be easier. It almost should be invisible.
Most people have a few places which are important to them, where they want to track their time. Typically your office. But maybe you also want to track how much time you spend at the gym, at home, at your favourite restaurant. There are many possibilities. That’s why the idea for Rewind is simple: It tracks your time based on your
. When you enter the location, it starts and when you exit it ends the interval. Everything gets recorded automatically in the background.
You just set up your places in the app and that’s it.

You only have to open the app when you want to have a look at the gorgeous statistics or maybe export a report of your month.

But we didn’t stop there. One of the coolest features is the automatic calendar export. You can turn it on/off for any location and then all your intervals get pushed automatically to your calendar (you can chose the source of the calendar; for example your iCloud calendar).
So let’s say you have a place called „Office“. Turn on the automatic calendar export and chose iCloud (for example). Rewind will then create a calendar called „Rewind: Office“ in your iCloud calendars and all time intervals get pushed automatically and in the background to this calendar.
You have to see it, it’s really cool. You arrive at your office, open the on your Mac and you already see that you arrived at this location, without opening the app on your iPhone.

Because we think that many people first will want to try it, we made the app free to download. It was a hard decision for us, because we see that there are many apps in the store abusing the in-app purchases. But we think we found a fair solution.
So, you can download the app for free and try it with one location. If you like it and think it can be useful for you, you can upgrade to Pro via a one-time in-app purchase and then you’ll be able to track 20 locations (which is actually the maximum possible currently in iOS) and you’ll get Excel/Numbers/Backup export features.
We see this as a trial version. Try the app for free, buy if you like.

That’s Rewind. We hope you like it and you can download it here in the AppStore for free.

ListBook 5.0

We are very proud to present you our newest ListBook version 5.0. This is the biggest update since the first release and we hope our ListBook users will like and love it.

One of the new main features is called „Filters“. At the moment you can colorize your items for example to mark their priority. With Filters you can now say, show me all red or yellow colored items over all your lists.
So colorising items makes more sense now. You can also use the Filters to just show you items with due dates.

An other new feature is Sorting. In the new ListBook version you can sort your items by Done, Alphabetic, Modified Date or Manual. Thats something a lot of you asked for. So here you go. :)
What we also really love is the new design of the Mac version. It is redesigned to make it feel cleaner and more refined throughout the system. It just looks awesome.

That was just a sneak peak of the new version, below is the complete list from the new features and improvements:


  • – optimized for iPhone 6/6+
  • – Widget
  • – Actionable notifications (Mark as Complete, Snooze)
  • – Link, Date and Phone number detection


  • – New Design


  • – Filters
  • – Sorting
  • – Yearly recurrence
  • – Better workflow and performance
  • – Gui improvements

The update is completely free and we hope you like the new ListBook as we do. Thanks for your support.



Your noidentity Team, Sandro & Mischa


As you may know, we’re a small 2-person team and we love it. Being small means being flexible and independent.
Now you also may have noticed that BudgetBook, our iPad-only finance app, wasn’t very maintained lately. That’s why we decided to take it out off the store. If you bought it, it will continue to work. It is a product we don’t really believe in. We’re small and want to focus on a few products and only the ones we believe that we can make them really great. And we no longer have this feeling with BudgetBook.
I’m honest, every app we made to date, we made it because we wanted to make it. Because we felt the need for such an app. Because
we use it every day. But not with BudgetBook. It was never such an app. We made it because we thought we had to do it, because we thought we had to make a more complex finance app. This was a mistake. When you work on things you don’t believe in and you don’t use them yourself, you won’t make your best work and then it’s not worth it.
That’s it. I don’t want to throw some meaningless business-words or other excuses around. It’s just plain simple and honest: we shouldn’t have made this app in the first place. We never really believed in it and we didn’t update it because of this. So it’s better to remove it from sale.

We understand that some of you may be angry because of this decision, but we still hope that you love us like we do love all our users :)

And finally some news, you read about AstroJump, Yearly is already in review, should be available soon we hope. MoneyBook for iOS 8 with support for iPhone 6 (plus) is waiting for review, so it will be available maybe in a week or two. Next and ListBook will follow soon (and SmokeFree too).

Have an awesome weekend.
Mischa & Sandro


So a few weeks ago we played around with SpriteKit, just for fun and for learning something new and we made a little game called AstroJump.
We had so much fun making it, designing the retro pixel graphics and searching the sounds that we decided to release this little game.
Since it was just a fun side-project we give it away for free, with no in-app-purchases or ads (just some icons from our other apps). We had a lot of fun and we hope some of you will find it cool too. Get it here in the AppStore (universal).

Some other news: We submitted iOS 8 updates for Yearly (with a nice widget) and for MoneyBook (also with support for the new iPhones).
Updates for ListBook (actually a pretty big one) and Next will follow as soon as OSX Yosemite will be released (since we require iCloud Drive).

So, have a great day and enjoy our little game!