Next for Mac

Few weeks ago we introduced our fir Mac App ListBook and now we continue this way. With ListBook and Next we now have two great apps on all our platforms, each app was carefully built for its device and everything is synced through iCloud.

Next for iPhone app is perfect for on the go. It’s fast and easy to add new expenses.
On the iPad it makes use of the big screen to let you browse (and add/edit) your expenses in a zoomable info-graphic.
Finally the brand new Mac version comes in a calendar-style interface and brings many useful shortcuts. For example quickly add a new expense with cmd+N, enter the amount, tab to the notes field, tab to the categories and select them with the cursor keys. Or no matter where you are in the app, press cmd+T to go to (yes you guessed it!) Today.

Your noidentity Team, Mischa & Sandro

ListBook for Mac

Our first Mac app is in the Mac AppStore and we’re really proud of it. When you first open ListBook for Mac and you already know the iOS version, you’ll see a familiar interface.
We wanted to make sure that it is still ListBook, with all its features and the simple usability our users love. But since we are on the Mac, we also made use of platform specific features like drag & drop. So for example you can drag to sort or to move, but you can even drag a list to your desktop/finder to quickly export it. It’s really handy.

We also updated the iOS version to make sure it works great together. So now you have ListBook on iPhone, iPad and on your Mac, everything synced across your devices through iCloud (with

Your noidentity Team, Mischa & Sandro

Back to the…

…Mac :)

We were quiet the last few weeks and the reason is that we’re hard at work on some new and cool stuff. This year we „finally“ managed to get a proper iCloud sync working, thanks to Ensembles.

So now you have ListBook and Next both on your iPhone and your iPad.
But we think for productivity tools like those both apps there’s one important platform missing, which is the Mac of course.
I am happy and proud to announce that the last few months Mischa and me were working on Mac version of ListBook and Next.
They are not finished yet but we have made good progress and so we can finally officially announce them.
Of course we also want to see what’s coming form Apple at the WWDC, so maybe this will have an effect on our plans. We can’t give you a timeframe, but all I can say is that Mischa and me are already using both apps and they work (and look) great. So it shouldn’t be too long from now.

ListBook and Next for Mac will both be available in the Mac AppStore and sync via iCloud with their iOS counterparts. No price yet, but I guess they will be priced fair for both you, the users, and us, who try to make enough money so we can continue to build apps :)

So here are two little sneak peaks of ListBook and Next for Mac.

What’s going on

Hi everyone,
first of all, thank you for your support and all the feedback we received. It’s alway a pleasure when you work for months on a project and get great feedback. The launch of ListBook 4 and Next for iPad was successful and we are already working on new versions.

ListBook 4.2
The next bigger update will be ListBook 4.2. We have implement some of your feature requests like import TXT files, New Category Icons, New Languages (Spanish, Russia, Korean, Simplified Chinese) and export lists as text via iMessage. We have also improved all translations, the UI, performance and you will get a much better memory management.
Our favorite new feature is, that you can now colorize each of your lists instead of an overall theme (see the screenshot bellow).
Thanks to Matt Gemmell and Marco Zehe with their great blogposts about accessibility for iOS we could improved ListBook for VoiceOver in 11 languages. And we are very proud of it.

Next for iPad 1.2
Amongst some smaller refinements and improvements, there will be a handy new feature in the day-view. We combined a custom scrollbar with a graph of your expenses and now you can immediately see which days have the most expenses.
For those who missed, we have also released yearly for iPad as universal. Hope you enjoy the updates and support us also in the future.

Your noidentity team

Sandro & Mischa