Rewind – Automatic Time Tracking

We love to make useful apps. Apps which we use ourselves almost daily. We started this many years ago with MoneyBook, then ListBook and Next. Now let us introduce our newest iPhone app, Rewind.

We made Rewind because we think time tracking should be easier. It almost should be invisible.
Most people have a few places which are important to them, where they want to track their time. Typically your office. But maybe you also want to track how much time you spend at the gym, at home, at your favourite restaurant. There are many possibilities. That’s why the idea for Rewind is simple: It tracks your time based on your
. When you enter the location, it starts and when you exit it ends the interval. Everything gets recorded automatically in the background.
You just set up your places in the app and that’s it.

You only have to open the app when you want to have a look at the gorgeous statistics or maybe export a report of your month.

But we didn’t stop there. One of the coolest features is the automatic calendar export. You can turn it on/off for any location and then all your intervals get pushed automatically to your calendar (you can chose the source of the calendar; for example your iCloud calendar).
So let’s say you have a place called „Office“. Turn on the automatic calendar export and chose iCloud (for example). Rewind will then create a calendar called „Rewind: Office“ in your iCloud calendars and all time intervals get pushed automatically and in the background to this calendar.
You have to see it, it’s really cool. You arrive at your office, open the on your Mac and you already see that you arrived at this location, without opening the app on your iPhone.

Because we think that many people first will want to try it, we made the app free to download. It was a hard decision for us, because we see that there are many apps in the store abusing the in-app purchases. But we think we found a fair solution.
So, you can download the app for free and try it with one location. If you like it and think it can be useful for you, you can upgrade to Pro via a one-time in-app purchase and then you’ll be able to track 20 locations (which is actually the maximum possible currently in iOS) and you’ll get Excel/Numbers/Backup export features.
We see this as a trial version. Try the app for free, buy if you like.

That’s Rewind. We hope you like it and you can download it here in the AppStore for free.